Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Life in Utila

Niki Wiki Utila Bay Islands
Niki Wiki at Anchor Utila
We've decided to stick around the island of Utila a few more days than planned because we enjoyed it so much. That and another big blow or a norther wind was coming and we felt secure in the anchorage.

Utila 040
Utila main street
We walked the main (paved) road all along the scruffy bayfront full of scuba dive shops. Then explored up the hill into the neighborhoods. There are so many funky little cafes and bars to visit! Some have docks so we can just motor our dinghy right up to their dock. Thus, we can keep an eye on both our big boat out in the bay as well as the dinghy tied up at our feet. This bay has been known among the cruisers as "Burglary Bay" because of all the thefts of dinghy engines and thieves boarding boats while the owners were ashore to take anything of value. But things are supposed to be better now (but we are still super vigilant).

The weather has been very cool - as in temperatures in the low 70's with constant breezes. Jonesy even has worn a sweatshirt and long pants at night! We've found that the cool temps have made it easier to do little boat chores, take long walks, and knit on heavy sweaters.  We still haven't gone swimming yet because the water is only 78 degrees right now. It will climb up to the 80's soon and we'll wait for then. Even the younger crowd is getting chilled on their dives.

002We bought Honduran TIGO internet SIM cards for our USB sticks today so we both have internet service on the boat at anchor! How cool is that? No longer do we have to risk losing our computers to the sea as we carry them in backpacks to shore for internet. But it also means that we'll spend less time on boat chores and knitting on things like these cotton Spa Cloths worked up in Sugar'n Cream yarn. And this little Garter Stitch Baby Blanket and Hat Set for the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo group.Garter Stitch HatSometimes you just need a super easy and quick knit. My problem was finding a model for the hat! So I wandered the streets of Utila and came across this adorable little baby. Photos were taken, and then I left the blanket and hat with the mother. Garter Stitch Blanket She is still probably wondering who was that crazy lady and why did she knit for my baby?

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