Thursday, December 09, 2010


Wandering Walls Chullo

Here's the Wandering Walls Chullo hat that I test knit for Meaghan Ryan. The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, in colors Oyster Heather, Pampas Heather and Persimmon Heather. Of course this will go to the orphanage in Kazakhstan. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

One of the unusual chores we have because we live on a boat is to get our propane tanks refilled about twice a year. We use propane for just cooking, but it's pretty important to not run out! Especially when you're out anchored in remote places. We have a tiny backup tank so we can let the big tank get completely empty and just switch tanks.

Anyway, here on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala we simply take the tanks up to the office here at the Marina and they come back later in the week all full. Jonesy and I rode along on the journey with the tanks just for yucks. First, the tanks (and us) get an open air boat ride up the river to where the marina keeps a van (there's no road to the marina).

After a nice ride through vast open fields of grazing cattle and rubber plantations, we arrived at the propane refill place. Jonesy helped unload the tanks. What an operation! I'm terrified of compressed gas (it explodes) anyway and here everyone was walking around filling tanks with hoses scattered and loud hissing sounds. Everything was outside in this elevated  work area.
We came back later in the afternoon, after taking a long drive into the larger town of Puerto Barrios and eating at a real McDonald's. The tanks were ready so we loaded up, drove back to the dock, parked the car, boated over to the marina, and voila! Got Gas! Yep. Another $10, another 6 months.

Can I get my propane tank filled too? We only use ours for hot water and cooking as we heat with wood. The cost twice a year is $500+ each time and we wash clothes in cold water. There has to be a cheaper way of living. No bathing and only cold food??? Keep safe out there. Renate
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