Friday, December 03, 2010



There's been some progress made around these parts lately. The cooler weather has made it easier to get icky work done. That "cold blast" from the US & Canada has worked it's way down here. Brrrrr...Jonesy is wearing a sweatshirt (and shorts) and put on socks this morning. Temperatures are in the mid-70's for the highs and mid-60's for the lows. It's a very welcome change from the oppressive heat of the summer months.

Knitting has been progressing on the sweater. The body is done up to the armholes and it's divided for the front and back now. I've changed colors so that now I'm on the 4th color of 6.

Yesterday, we rode in a collectivo (a 9-passenger mini-van) with 23 people crowded aboard over to the larger town of Morales so that I could see the dentist. No big deal - just a little patch to an old crown ($35) and back home we went. Sure, the whole trip took 4 hours, but we've got nothing but time. So, check that chore off of the list. Moving on....

Ah, the joys of 60 degrees F. Can we exchange some temps. I'll send you a bit more cold and you send us a bit more warmth, without the humidity of course. The sweater looks really nice. I like the colors. Haven't done much with this years HMG patterns, but will after Christmas. Defeats the purpose, doesn't it. Wishing you good holidays. Renate from brr Michigan
Lovely sweater - cant wait to see it completed. What kind ofyarn is that?
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