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No, I'm not talking about old geezers who dress up in funny hats, eye-patches and wave plastic swords. This is serious. There have been 2 attacks by murderous pirates in the last week along the Caribbean coast of Honduras which is right near here. The latest resulted in the death of the boat owner.

Both times, the boats were anchored, alone in the isolated bay of El Diamonte. Men with guns and machetes swarmed aboard and ransacked the vessels taking everything of value. Here is a link to the News report.

These boats had just left from the Rio Dulce here. Of course, we are angry and concerned. Frankly, we are not expecting the Honduran government to do much, if anything, about it. But at least the Canadian authorities are investigating the murder. Our plans have changed, but for safety reasons I will not be sharing them here.

The cruising will continue because that's what we do! Thankfully, we are safe from automobile accidents caused by texting drivers, earthquakes, airplane security searches, cranky bosses, snow storms and other various dangers.

Oh Terry, how sad. I know that you and Jonsey will be using the spirit of a sound mind in making your plans. Its a smart move that your not saying where your heading. I will look forward to your happier reports of your travels in the future. Stay safe. Huggz, Darrell
Please be safe! What a horrible crime.

Oh my gosh, that is so scary!
Horrible. I've enjoyed your blog and lifestyle and hate to hear of this sort of danger. I wish you a safe passage and harbor.
Yikes! Stay safe my friend.
Holy Bleep! I thought all the really violent pirates were located off the coast of Somalia lately. Please be careful! Praying for you and Jonsey to be safe!
Sad, sad, sad. Stay safe.
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