Friday, October 22, 2010


Gaggle of Knitters

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I'm sure you've seen the usual nicely-posed photos of groups of knitters, but I think this one (taken as the "big cheezes" were trying to get us organized) better shows how much fun we were having. Yes, that's me in the front row with the perpetual mug of coffee, and YES I'm wearing handknit socks for the first time in 5 years!

The Knitting Retreat up in Lake Tahoe, California was such a treat! I made many new friends and got to spend time with my long-term knitting buds. The weather was fabulous - low 80's in the daytime and high 50's at night and I got to walk many miles through the pine forest, eat toasted marshmallows by the bonfire, and win fabulous wooly prizes.

Sounds fun, show us your prizes. Wearing hand knit socks is one of the very few things I like about the weather turning colder.
I have handknit socks!!!!! Made especially for me by JOMAMMA! Now if I could just have a sock monkey hat, my life would be complete...
As soon as I finish this %^%$^&((* shawl I'll start on your hat Heather.
Whereabouts at Tahoe were you? We used to spend time at South Lake Tahoe during October, enjoying all the aspen trees, cool nights, and the lovely lake.
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