Sunday, November 14, 2010


Busy Busy

With the date set to leave the safety of the marina (Nov. 27th) we've been busy working on our chore list. It was like a birthday bash for Jonesy when I unpacked my suitcases and presented him with all of his new boat parts. New impellers for the heads (toilets)! Pumps! LED lightbulbs! Water-maker maintenance kit! 2 depth sounders! and much, much more.

So, now that he had this pile of good stuff, it was time to get busy with the repairs. First, he replaced our amp-sucking incandescent bulbs with super efficient LED bulbs. This will mean that we can run lights at night for knitting! Next was a big repair - the replacement of the gear in our electric windlass (big thing on the bow which pulls up the heavy anchor & chain from the seabed so we don't have to).

Then, there was the Margarita Party down the dock onboard the motor vessel Kimtah. Is it possible to laugh for 3 hours straight? Yep. We all voted this to be the best party of the hurricane season!

Friday was a BBQ party up by the pool where we grilled some fabulous 1-inch thick pork loin chops and vegetables. Saturday morning was the swap meet up in the Cayuco Club here, followed by the Prime Rib dinner at the Rio Vista marina restaurant ($8 per person). Today, Sunday, right now Jonesy is up at the club watching the Formula 1 race on the big TV, then we have the usual Mexican Train domino game in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the Cruisers' Potluck. I'm making enchiladas so we'll have to zip up the river to town in our launchita (small boat) and pick up some fresh handmade tortillas.

Then maybe I'll start to work on my chore list...or maybe not.

Well it sounds like "life is good". What fun you are having.Its great to read of your warm weather adventures from up here in New England. We are having warmish weather and hubby went clamming today. Hope you have smooth sailing when your ready to go ..Darrell
Oh my goodness... I want to cruise again.
I just found you via your patterns on ravelry... wow are you ever living a dream. I'm looking forward to following more of your adventures.
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