Thursday, October 28, 2010


October in Sacramento California

October in Sacramento California is heavenly for those of us who like to get out and walk! The temperatures range from the low 80's to 70's, skies are blue, breezes are soft and the roses are in full bloom still.
This is a Peace Rose in one of the many rose gardens on the grounds of the California State Capital.

Downtown and Midtown Sacramento have the streets all laid out on a grid with lettered streets (J, K, etc) running east/west and number streets north/south. Plus it's all FLAT with sidewalks and crosswalks everywhere. I've done miles and miles of walking this month to fun and exciting places like the state capital, AmTrak station, grocery stores, gluten-free shop, yarn shops (!!!) and the large central library.

California State Capital

Yes, to me, American grocery stores are fascinating because of all the overwhelming options which are available. I was worried if my constant coughing (from this nasty flu bug which has lingered for weeks) was disturbing the sleep of the homeless people at the library but nobody complained. My favorite read was the stack of "FiberArts" magazines - wow! are so inspirational.

The orange trees on the grounds leading up to the back of the State Capital were full of fruit. Isn't this what you would expect to see in California? Orange trees, palm trees, yep, they have those all right. See those black posts on the road? Guess there won't be any more big rig trucks crashing up the rear steps of the capital building again like happened about 9 years ago.

So, I haven't just been wandering around the city streets. I've also been knitting up many squares for the Land's End Feel Good Knitting Campaign. The good folks at Land's End sent me 2 cones of a very nice worsted weight cotton, acrylic and a touch of wool blend yarn to make into squares to be sewn together and donated to the needy. This is great mindless knitting for me - especially since I was fighting the flu bug and just didn't feel up to anything more difficult.

But, I did manage to get a photo of this new sock design of mine called Textured Traditions Socks which is being test knit on right now. Looks like the Christmas stocking from July doesn't it? Well, that was the starting point for these. The pattern is written in 2 sizes; women's medium and women's large/men's medium and will be available on Ravelry soon.

Gotta go knit...I've got to finish the last giant sized sock for the Akkol orphanage in Kazakhstan before I send off the boxes. A whole year's worth of socks, hats, mittens, and gloves will soon be on it's way to warm the kids. What? Of course I've already started work on socks for next year!

Hope you feel better sooner. Darrell
Marshall says,

Hi Terry. C'mon back down to San Diego and we'll all have lunch in Chula Vista.........
Hey Terry, Wanted to give you a heads up on a new book out that I though you might be interested in.

"The Spice Necklace" by Ann Vanderhoof.
Summary: Ann Vanderhoof and her husband Steve are a little bit in love with the Caribbean. That’s why they decide to wrap up their affairs and day jobs and spend three years sailing around the Caribbean, living on their boat. Along the way, they get to know the locals and sample the varied cuisines of the amazing islands they visit.
I LOVE that sock~! soooo pretty :)
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