Monday, October 11, 2010


Ah Heck...

So, where are we? Well, Jonesy is still in Guatemala enjoying the 4pm Happy Hours every day at Mario's Marina (oh, and working on his long list of boat chores). I'm up in the good ole USA!

There are technical issues: #1) my computer has an electrical short and is dead. Actually, it has exceeded it's expected lifespan for a computer in the salt air environment so I have to just accept that and replace it. #2) I left my camera battery charger and upload linky cable thingy back in Guatemala. So, I'll have to rely upon friends here to share their photos of the upcoming KNITTING RETREAT in Lake Tahoe! Whooooo hooooooo!

So, I've been chipping away on my shopping list for the states - exciting stuff like a turkey baster, candy thermometer for making yeast bread for Jonesy. Nope, haven't found those items in Latin America and I've been searching for years. Jonesy is ordering online and I'm receiving boat parts here and repacking them as luggage to go back to Guatemala. There is other stuff on my list - but guess where the list is? Yep. On my dead computer.

But the weather here in Sacramento has been beautiful and I'm hanging out with my son and getting my "cat time" in with his two adorable cats. Life is good.

Terry, I hadn't heard of a Knitting Retreat in it too late for me? Details please!!!!
Terry, just in case your newly acquired candy thermometer ever ends up in the ocean by mistake, my thermometer for making yeast bread looks amazingly like my my index finger. If I can stick it into the milk or water without going that's too hot, it's the right temperature to proof the yeast. I know I am being a smarty pants. Have a good time at the knitting retreat. Renate
Hi Terry : it was so nice to meet you at Knitique last Sunday. I really enjoyed hearing about your "alternative" lifestyle. In fact, i am literally lime green with envy. I have put your blog on my "favorites" toolbar. because i know nothing about sailing and can't even swim, i will have to live vicariously through your blog. and i really enjoy your pictures too.

Enjoy our lovely Sacramento and the retreat. Love the calendar and the stuff that you are doing, have fun at the retreat I am jealous.
Hi Terry: hmmmm strange you haven't found either a turkey baster or a candy thermometer in Latin America. The former I agree is kind of difficult to find in Mexico unless its late November (for the expats), but the latter is readily available in any Soriana supermarket, not to mention the specialty cooking supply stores. Then again, you would have to be in one of the large cities, not some sleepy coastal town.
Love your lifestyle. Congrats.
Saludos desde México,
Vicky T.
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