Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Rippling Waters Socks

Socks! Gotta love them. When we were visiting the states last summer, I visited Lisa Souza at her yarn studio where she creates marvelous hand-dyed yarns. These socks have gentle waves of alternation cable crossings to showcase this special yarn - in the colorway called South Pacific.

The colors remind me so much of the the coastal, tropical areas of Mexico where I have traveled and lived these past two years. The yarn, (Sock!) is super soft and was a joy to knit with it. These socks are for me! Yes - me! Someday we hope to travel up the eastern seaboard of the US and I'll need some socks to keep warm. Jonesy wears his wool socks all the time down here. His feet don't stink!

This is another limited time for free pattern as my gift to y'all on the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo! group.

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