Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Socks, Chores, & Insurance

Here's my latest sock design for the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo group called FLOWER PATCH socks. The are knit top-down with a picot hemmed edge over corrugated ribbing. The simple stranded colorwork is easy to memorize. So now you know another little piece of what I've been busy knitting lately. There's lots more to come too!

Other pre-occupations have been boat chores. I've sewn a patch on the hole in the V-Berth mattress cover, designed and began sewing the massive mosquito netting for our berth, and continued to put "stuff" away in safe places for cruising. Jonesy has had a long list too and accomplishes some task, or two, every day.

Then of course, there was the Sunday night Potluck BBQ, the Tuesday beading session, and then then first Bingo Night of the high-season all at the Vallarta Yacht Club. I won a bottle of tequila on the first hand of bingo. Dang, I'm good. Jonesy gave it to a friend of his - the dock manager - for helping him out with diesel fuel that day. We really appreciate the service as we dread trying to shimmy up to the fuel docks while fighting off the pushy sports fishing boaters. This 22-ton sailboat is not easy to maneuver in close quarters.

We've been sweating out our request for extended boat insurance to go thru the Panama Canal and to Columbia. Finally - we got confirmation that we, after paying a lot more money, can be insured! Yipppeeee! Naturally, they put in the clause that terrorism is not covered. Oh, and we have to have another marine survey of our boat done by mid-April. This involves hauling the boat out of the water. Oh well, we'll get this done in Panama and have the bottom re-painted with anti-barnacle stuff at the same time.

Today, Jonesy picked up our Panama and Columbia courtesy flags from the gal who makes them here in Mexico. Another purchase successfully completed. Now we have the full set of flags needed for our next cruising season: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia. Marine vessels have to fly a small "courtesy flag" of the country that we are visiting. We also fly a larger USA flag as that is the country where the Niki Wiki is registered.

We'll leave you now with a sign we saw in a gas station/convenience store in Central California. Yep, this is for real.

A great new sock pattern! Am looking forward to your new sailing adventures, too!
LOL, I know you mean "Colombia" the country and not "Columbia" the city (which is in South Carolina)! Love those sox. I aim to try a pair one of these days! I think we need the "No Hoods Allowed" sign at the Bank of the West in downtown Benicia which was robbed at gunpoint yesterday a.m. by two African-american males in hooded sweatshirts. Lawsy, what next??? Enjoy those sailing adventures; I'm jealous!
Sounds like you have been busy. I cant wait to see the pics of your journey through the Panamas and all along the way :-) I hope you snagged some yarn before your trip :-)
I see the no hoods sign at the credit union service centers we use.

LOVE the sock!
Been forever since I read your blog and really enjoyed catching up. Hope you will be able to post occasionally this winter as you cruise ever southward. you are my inspiration during the long cold winters in Maine. Great Gansey Gayle hat - I'll make one and think of you as we try to stay warm.
OMG... I just stumbled in from Meerkat. I'm a knitter too and my daughter is a on again off again deck hand on sailboats or works as a stew on private yachts. I'm going to ad you to my list. Can't wait to see all your creations and read about your adventures.
LOVE the sock.

that sign is a Hoot!

Enjoy the next part of the journey - cannot wait for the stories and pictures...

Fall has turned to winter in OHIO. Strong winds today and low of 20. BRRRR! Enjoy the sun and warm for us!
the socks is fantastic. Love the sign, I've never seen one here in the DC area. You would think they would be posted!
Wow, so much work to sail.
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