Wednesday, November 19, 2008



All is well. We are now anchored in the Zihuatanejo bay and enjoying the local town. It's not quite real "high-season" yet so we have the place to ourselves to share with the locals. We are enjoying the shrimp tacos, wifi signal (finally!) and the gentle breezes in the palapa (thatched roof hut) of the Sunset Bar on the beach. Jonesy fixed the electric pump in the rear head - he had his head in the head all one morning (hahahaha). I knit.

This is the farthest south that we have ever traveled - sailing down here in both the last couple of cruising seasons. When we leave from here we will be in all new territory for us! Whooo hoooo! New Go-See-Do!

Tomorrow, weather permitting of course, we will head out to sail south. There's been gale-force winds south of here so we've spent some extra days enjoying Zihuatanejo. We're now convinced that we should skip Alcapulco all together because it is just not friendly to private cruising yachts. A real cess-pool we hear. So this next leg of the journey will be 3 days and 2 nights long to Huatulco.

More later - we're off to walk around the town to see if we can find more bungee cords and to stretch our legs. Of course there's lots of knitting going on...

This blog should be named "you'll be green with envy..." cuz I sure am. Thanks for taking us on your voyage.
Terry! Great to see a new post from you! My hubby and I flew to Z-Town one January for a week's vacation. LOVED it. Don't miss visiting the local animal shelter! They have t-shirts for sale, too, and proceeds go to the animals. We walked all over the town, esp. loved the non-touristy areas where we ate in restaurants with local families and sometimes held their babies on our laps. Of course, take your own TP and water but, of course, you already know all that. Have a great time, and a safe sail to Hualtulco. Wish I were there! Deborah
I am happy to hear from you :-) I cant wait to see pics of your knitting :-)
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