Sunday, December 07, 2008


Guernsey Pullover Finished!

Well, my version of Meg Swansen's "Guernsey Pullover" from Wool Gathering #76 is finally finshed! This was a fun project too. At 5 stitches per inch, the sweater grew rapidly. This was my knitting project while I had the helm watch at night during our last couple of passages. A good project for knitting in the cockpit at night needs to be in light colored yarn at a rather large gauge so I can SEE what I am doing.

The only adjusting I did was that I added a simple 2 rounds of purl stitches to the neck edge. I thought this not only gives the neck a more polished look, but also blends in with the other reverse stockinette pattern separation stripes.

The yarn is a minimally processed worsted weight wool from Cottage Craft in a lavender heathered color called Fundy Fog.

These gansey style sweaters are so much fun to knit. I've already pulled out my cedar green Frangipani wool for another sweater. This next one will be my own design - something I've been noodling around in my head for a while now.

I'm still deciding on how traditional I want to keep the design...gussets? dropped shoulders? split welt? cardigan, jacket or pullover? But first I need to swatch - then perhaps the yarn will tell me what it wants to be.

Wonderful, beautiful knitting!
Makes me wish I was in a cold climate and could have you knit me stuff.
Where are you???
Nice.... you are fast! I've spent the past couple of months starting and frogging.
Love your blog! (And I adore the Gingerbread House Hat!)
That is beautiful. I love all the details and how and where they are placed. Great color, you can wear with anything, jeans to slacks
I love it! Just my kind of sweater. Love the color too.
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