Friday, November 21, 2008


Take 2 sock blanks and...

A new approach to yarn, color, and socks - what could be better? Sock Blanks are long swaths of plain undyed sock yarn knit in just plain flat stockinette. These are just waiting to be dyed any way you want. Then, you unravel the blank and knit yourself up a pair of socks - kinda like a crap shoot as you never know what you're gonna get.

I choose to dye TWO sock blanks in different wide horizontal stripes. First, I ordered the double-stranded sock blanks from Knit Picks online before I flew up to the states to visit by boys. While in the Sacramento area, I made encouraged my knitting buddy, Sandi, to play with fiber and dyes in her backyard.

Then, back on the boat in Mexico, I knit up the socks. To take advantage of the wide changes in colored stripes, I used one strand from each sock blank and knit in a stranded color-work pattern. Nothing fancy. The changes in colors comes automatically from the dyed sock blank!!

Okay, so next time I won't use such Christmas-looking colors. Dang. I was so excited to be playing with colors that I didn't think that far ahead. So, in the photo above is one sock each from TWO PAIRS of socks. One is size medium, and one is size large. I started the second pair from the opposite end of the sock blanks.

So where's the blue yarn? Still on the blank. As it was in the center, it didn't get used. Another Ah-ha moment. Remember to get the action in color into the two ends as women's socks don't take that much yarn. Next time I will also so shorter "stripes" in the sock blank to change the colors more often, and maybe do more of a hue-changing and different shades of the same hue.

Because I was in a hurry (as usual but for no reason), I didn't knit both socks at the same time. Instead, I wound up balls of the other strand and held them tight with clothespins (see photo). So now I have one size Medium sock and one size Large sock, and balls of yarn already wound for the second socks.

If you are coming to visit me here in Mexico - bring SOCK BLANKS!

The pattern for these socks is one of the many new designs released on the Holiday Mystery Gifts group this month.

Are these blanks wool or cotton or a combination? I have tons of natural yarn in both wool and cotton, I'm wondering.... how a sweater would look? Very Cool!
Those are AWESOME!
Hi from Austria,

your Christmas Socks , made from the self-dyed blanks are very beautiful.
I bought such blanks some months ago and for private reasons I had no time to dye until now. But after visiting your blog I will do it in my Christmas holidays and I will do it in your way.
Thank you very much for these ideas.

Best wishes from Austria, especially Carinthia, covered with very soft snow since last week and once more last night.

I love those Christmas socks. Terry, I just have to tell you that I love the 3 pairs of socks you knit up for me. I have been wearing them a lot now that the weather here has gotten a little cooler and they are definitely my favorite socks. Hope your trip down to South America continues to go smooth, happy sailing!
Once you start wearing hand knit socks you'll never want to wear anything else. They are like heaven.
thats to cool... where did you get the what are they called blanks? thats to cool!
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