Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Crocodile Barf

Sometimes even a crocodile can have an upset tummy. This one barfed up...me!

Yep, this is a marvelous water slide here at the Paradise Village Resort where we have the boat berthed. A group of us cruisers decided to play "vacation tourist" and play at the big pools. Jonesy was busy watching Nascar racing on the TV - his last opportunity before we leave Saturday. After that...no more TV, internet, running water, or plug-in electricity.

It was kinda scary to climb up the spiral staircase to the top of the slide and walk across the suspension bridge. Also, I was worried that maybe I was too big to fit down the tunnel - but no problemo! It was really FAST and FUN! I did it three times in a row.

So, besides playing with the neighbors, I've been busy with knitting. Here's another little pattern I designed for the Holiday Mystery Gifts group. It is knit with Knit Picks Palette wool fingering weight yarn and fits an 18" doll such as the American Girl brand dolls. This pattern will be available tomorrow (Oct. 29th) and will remain FREE for downloading through the end of December 2008.

In just 4 days we will untie the lines and cast off! My cupboards are packed full of shelf-stable food for the next five months of cruising. We know that we can get fresh produce, eggs and fish along the way so we'll be well fed.

Whooo hooooo!

That slide looks like so much fun!!! I wish I were there with you guys, or with my hubby as he races toward Cabo with the Baja Ha-Ha 2008. Oh well, sometimes things don't work out exactly right, eh? Maybe next year! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!
Have fun!! I wish you a safe trip and hope to hear from you soon :0) It wont be 5 months until we hear from you right?
Oh wow, it's almost one year that I stumbled over your blog, accompanying you on your journey from my laptop. Am I jealous? You bet, but for the next 5 month I'm looking forward to those beautiful pictures you (hopefully) will post and which give me a glimpse of hope while I have to endure a (probably) very dreary and wet Irish winter. Enjoy your journey - I certainly will.
WOW - three times? I almost cried when I went down that slide. Not good if you have contact lenses in your eyes...
Have fun on the trip South!!!
that looks like a blast... I just found your blog... please don't let it be 5 mos. without a post and pics....
Enjoy your sailing, I'll look forward to 'traveling' with you. I also like the doll sweater - I may not have time to do the Fair Isle (I would need to do two for Christmas along with everything else), but I might try a self patterning sock yarn.
'Where the knit hits the fan'.
That's funny.
Thanks to jomamma for linking you and me finding this delightful blog.

Love your snippets on life in Mexico and the places you visit. I have a boat in San Carlos. It's too big for me. Sigh. I'm looking for a dashing man to come adventuring with me for a year or so but it's so darned hard.
Might have to downgrade so if you know of anybody looking for a 45ft ferro, let me know. It's a great boat.
Have a GREAT time on your cruise, and thanks for giving us all those great patterns to work on. You rock!!
Have a wonderful trip! I am soooo jealous. I have been nagging my husband to finish our boat so that it is ready when I retire. Be safe!
I will surely miss you just knowing you are "off" and sailing!
I'll be busy knitting with all the Holiday Mystery Gift Alongs!
Gotta go get the latest Blast from the Past!
Love the title. What fun! That sweater is darling.
Thanks for the cute sweater pattern. It's such a wonderful Christmas gift for an American Girl doll lover! Have a safe and fun trip. Looking forward to photos of your adventures!
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