Saturday, December 06, 2008


Gingerbread Hat

Sometimes ya just gotta get a little silly with your hats. That's why I designed and knit this Gingerbread Hat for the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo group members.

Its just a basic hat to knit - the fun part is finding and applying the decorations to customize your hat! I'm actually not done with mine yet - I have some white and irridecent beads to sew into icicles hanging from the roof and window/door tops.

One of the groups test-knitters suggested that we could adjust the length and make accomodations for a spout and handle and turn it into a tea cozy! Cool idea. The pattern is written in two sizes - child and adult and is available on the group through the end of December. Sure wish I had somewhere to wear mine to...and even the "chill" in the air to feel like wearing a wool hat! Not whining...nope...just commenting.

Tee hee... That is so cute! It'll look great with the icicles.
So where are you stopped now? Is it warm where you are? It is FREEZING here!
How cute. Goes to show you can knit up just abount anything.

Just in the last hour we got some snow fluries enough to make the ulch areas white.
Oh my gosh, that is adorable! (it does kinda look like a tea cozy)
That is soooo cute!!! I love it.

Stay warm. I love reading your blog.

oh my gosh thats to cute! LOVE it!!
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