Friday, October 03, 2008



One month to go until we sail south into Central America! Besides provisioning, we had to get our immunizations for all sorts of scary diseases: Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Tetanus, Diptheria, Hep A and Hep B. All in one doctor visit. Ouch! Now we need to go buy our anti-malarial meds.

The doctor spoke great English and provided us with printed out travel medicine information, and some free medication samples including an Epi-Pen for my allergic reaction to bee stings. I slept most of the whole next day. Jonesy has been feeling "achy" for a couple of days. Oh well, it's better than getting one of those icky diseases!

Here's a picture of a little green iguana we saw on one of our walks around the resort here.

Immediately after getting all those shots, we had to almost run to the next doctor's appointment - the dermatologist. We both had places on our faces that concerned us and we wanted a doctor to check them out. Yep. We both had some pre-cancerous spots and they had to be frozen off with liquid nitrogen. Right then. Mine is on my nose. Right on the center of my nose. It looks like somebody burned me with a cigarette. I've been hiding on the boat for a couple of days (keeping achy Jonesy company). Too much sun. Wear a hat, sunscreen, yada-yada...

So when is a Yacht Club a "Yatch" club? When they misspell the parking space signs, that's when. Okay, everyone is entitled to a mistake now and then. But this is Mexico. The sign stays. Yep. It's been here for months.

Introducing...The Dana-Marr Shawl. That's my sister Dana-Marr modeling her new shawl I knit in Interlacements "Floss" cotton. The pattern for this easy-to-knit shawl is on the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo! group. Just one more free pattern for the knitalong.

The stitch pattern is the traditional Feather & Fan or Old Shale design that has been popular for generations.


Keep that sunscreen on young lady!!!.... I feel for you.. I hate shots :-( I love that shawl... I cant wait to make it!
Slather on the sunscreen, and wear a hat, Missy! A small price to pay for living in Paradise, so I don't want to hear any complaining!!! Remember folk like me who were suppose to be sailing down to Mexico from Cali, and got CANCELLED. Then you'll count your blessings! Besides, you've got the Holiday Mystery Gifts group to contend with, LOL! I''m really enjoying the group, LOVE the Mystery project, and am looking forward to LOTS more! Deborah - Benicia, CA.
Hello there, I've been MIA and trying to catch up. Glad they took care of you now. Such a pretty shawl.
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