Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Lost & Found

Losing something of value is one of the risks of traveling. Usually I'm really good about gathering up my "personal belongings" before "de-planeing". But not this time. Yep - I left behind my knitting on the airplane.

The hours of knitting work weren't what upset me about the loss because I enjoy the knitting process. No, this was not just "my" knitting, but the socks that I'm knitting for a friend (Hi Pam) from the yarn that SHE bought.

And guess what? I phoned American Airlines and actually spoke to the person who found it on the plane! He knew it was special because his grandmother knit him a blanket and he knew that it took many hours of work. So he tagged my little partial sock and yarn ball and waited for my call. I got to thank him in person when I went to the airport to retrieve the sock. THANK YOU American Airlines in Sacramento!

So, I'm thinking. Maybe it would be good idea to always tag your knitting if you travel with it! That way, if it gets lost, perhaps you too would have a good person find it and notify you.

So where are we? Well, we both flew up to Sacramento to visit our oldest son, and to pick up all the boat parts we ordered last month. Niki Wiki is safe in Puerto Vallarta.

It's HOT here! 108 degrees! But we're having so much fun shopping for the things we'll need to cruise south this fall. And I'm enjoying the company of all my friends and knitterly chatter.

And speaking of knitting friends, here's a photo of me on the lap of Senior Frog in Mazatlan. Eat your heart out Beth, the frog is mine.

Wow, that was super nice to get the sock back. Glad you having a great time catching up.
That's SOME sock yarn a fish tale anyday! What a nice airline.
I've seen "dog tag" machines in the lobby of Wal-Mart. You could make a tag for your knitting bag: I'm the knitting of....please return me to her at....

I think I'll do that next time I see a machine.
So when do you go back?? I missed you at knitting the last couple times because I wasnt able to go
I'm so glad you got that yarn back! Because I am the lucky recipient of those socks and I love them! It was great to see you again....
Hmmm... I think that Senor Frog looks like he is big enough to share... Have another margarita and kit a few inches and we'll talk about it! ;)
What a fantastic idea, I'm going to go put address labels on all my clear knitting bags right now. Leave to a REAL traveling knitter to think of this.
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