Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Psychodelic socks

Here are the finished "Psychodelic Socks" from the yarn that I hand-dyed years ago. Wild things! These were my carry-along socks, went with me in my purse wherever we traveled.

All I did was put an old 10-gal fish aquarium out in the summer sun with 4 inches of water in it and a splash of white vinegar. I soaked the skein of yarn in this for about 20 minutes, then I sprinkled the dry Jacquard fabric dyes directly into the water/skein: yellow in one corner, pink in another, and blue in the center. Then the sun warmed the water and the slight breeze pushed the dyes around.

After a couple of hours I rinsed, and hung the skein out to dry. Next time, I'll either start with solid colored yarn instead of white, or help move the colors around. I think it's nicer not to have white spots. Anyway, what's a little wierd is that one sock has slightly more "yellow/green" in it. Oh well, they're a pair anyway.

I snapped this photo of Hugo polishing the stainless steel railing on our boat - with a toothbrush! Now THAT'S detailing! The guys are doing an excellent job getting Niki Wiki back into shape.

We had our first real rain last night and so far all day today. No thunder - just a steady dripping of fresh water from the sky. Jonesy's been busy on the computer ordering boat parts and other goodies online. We're having it all shipped to our son's house and will pick it up in July when we go north to visit.

Me? Oh, I ordered some "goodies" from Lacis - the Lyra lace pattern by Herbert Niebling has been reprinted - and for only $7!! And I couldn't resist the Kunst Stricken, Grosse Und Kleine Decken book -"A reprint of 20th c. Beyer "Kunstricken, Beyer-Band 361") consisting of 30 patterns by Herbert Niebling and Irmgard Sorensen with full charts. 16p w/ Portfolio (BV36) $27.00"!

Okay - must - go - knit ...

LOVE the socks, Terry! I'd never think to hand-dye yarn....you could sell that stuff and then I could buy some, lol. Happy knitting!
Hey Terry,
I read your blog over a couple of weeks now and still left no comment yet.
So here I am and I wish to say to you and Jonesy: You are so right to take the chance and live your unique life in this way.
I wish my husband and I had the chuzpe to do it like you both.
Maybe one day!
But a couple of years ago we realized a big dream. We bought a ship too, an old mahogany sailing yacht on which we spent our vacations and the weekends in the baltic sea (we live in germany). In a few days our great vacation of this year begins and we can't wait until it's time to start.
So with the love for sailing we have something in common and by the way, I am a knitter too and like it very much how you combine the sailing an the knitting. Your patterns are so cute.
Best wishes from another sailor
I ordered the same two items from Laci's. Oh, the allure of lace. I like the socks! Anything bright works for me.
What a cool way to dye! I may have to look into that. The way the wind's been blowing here lately I won't need to do any stirring, that's for sure.
I love your bright, colorful socks! Wish I could knit socks. I'd surely want to knit a pair like that.
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