Thursday, May 15, 2008


Back to Civilization again

Yep. It's getting late in the cruising season so we've had to start sailing south again towards Puerto Vallarta to wait out the summer hurricane season. We sailed into La Paz yesterday afternoon and anchored off the city. Immediately we lowered the dinghy and took off for town. Shopping! Restaurants! Internet! Two weeks without internet - our email is overloaded.

Our first stop was the ATM to get some cash. Then we trotted off, at only a slightly controlled pace, to the "Un Precio" - one-price dollar store!!!! Whooo hoooo! Gringo goodies! There's nothing like this over on mainland Mexico where we've been for the last year and a half except for the "Waldo" stores. But they don't have the delicacies of gringolandia (US & Canada). We're talking M&M's! Tootsie Rolls! Sweet pickle relish! Mike & Ike candies! Fritos Scoops & Cheetos with no chili seasonings! We stocked up on these precious goods. Yeah, these will be the highlights of the summer potlucks in Puerto Vallarta!

It's been a wonderful couple of months up here in the Sea of Cortez and Baja California. Very laid back, isolated, quiet & lazy for the most part. We've read, quite literally, stacks of books and I've done a lot of knitting and reading of knitting books.

Sure, there was also a lot of socializing going on. We made sure to get north up to Puerto Escondido & Loreto for the annual cruiser's Loreto Fest sponsored by the Hidden Port Yacht Club. We joined the Yacht Club, picked up our burgie (flag) & t-shirts and enjoyed 3 days of activities, great music, friendship, food, and beer all to benefit the local school.

Here's a picture of friends enjoying the spaghetti feast in roman toga outfits (it's a cruiser thing?). In the next photo, Jonesy is center in his official yellow Hidden Port Yacht Club t-shirt (no togo for Jones) chatting it up with some cruising buddies.

I took a class in how to cut up our t-shirts to make them more comfortable - airy. We remove the sleeves, bottoms, and slice fringe into it. I used a Meg Swansen's knitting camp 2006 t-shirt that I can't wear because it is so HOT down here. Now it is much cooler - and pretty cute too! Yeah, it's a female cruiser thing.

Puerto Escondido is not a town - just a mooring facility for boats. Instead of anchoring, we picked up a mooring attached to a concrete block on the bottom of the cove for $20 per night. To get into the nearest tiny store and the little hotel/spa that had internet, we had to walk about a mile into the desert along this road. This is open cattle grazing land and we crossed paths with steers - with big horns. I can't like cattle near me.

We joined another couple and shared a taxi ($70 round trip! Yikes!) for the 12 mile trip into the actual town of Loreto to do some grocery shopping. It's a really old town which was the first capital of Baja California in the early 1700's. But now it is just a sleepy little place.

I finished designing, knitting, and writing up the patterns for seven (7) more 7 x 7" squares for the afghan project. My many trusty stitch dictionaries came in handy. My goal is to create designs that are relatively easy to produce, will make a nice fabric for a man's afghan, and have visual interest when assembled into a 20-square afghan. Introducing Squares #10 thru #16....Zig Zag, Umbrellas, Framed Pebbles, Stripes & Spots, Wasp's Nest, Chains, and Quad Cables.

And back to FLAK - the Follow the Leader Aran Knitalong. I've picked up this cabled cardigan sweater for me again and am determined to finish it! I had a little knitting funk last week. You know, when nothing feels right to knit. So I didn't knit for 2 whole days. Nope, just read and hung out in the hammock trying to think what was it that I really wanted to knit.

Decided to finish up some UFOs (UnFinished Objects). So out came the FLAK. I finished the first sleeve and decided to run the cable down into the cuff. Also, out came some entrelac socks that I started a couple of years ago. Although I like the look of entrelac, the technique is too fiddly. But, I'd like to get these done. (Confession: I really want the solid colored sock yarn that will be leftover after I finish these socks - to make wild "Monster Socks" combined with all the different leftover yarns I already have saved up!) Whatever the inspiration - at least another pair of socks gets finished.

Okay - enough for today - gotta go dinghy over to the dinghy dock and hike the mile or two over to the big grocery store for healthy food.

Am glad to know you finally quit swimming!!!!! I begin to think your skin must be prune like. This is our first day of 100.... with more to follow. I am tired of the valley heat already.
Looks like you are having fun... all that talk of food is making me hungry :-)
you have to love junk food. Your afghan squares are very interesting. The t-shirt thing is big at my company when we have special events. They weave in ribbon and tie the up so they look sexier. good for you for tackling int UFO.
I always enjoy reading about your travel experiences.

The afghan squares are really interesting. The textures are amazing!
WOW I love your Squares Great job! You always do great work~!~!
you have made this Pregnant Woamn want Candy lol
I've missed reading your blog. Glad to know all is well. Your knitting projects are beautiful. Keep us posted on your adventures.
Welcome back to web land. I've missed you!
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