Saturday, June 07, 2008


Handsome Devil Socks

Introducing....Handsome Devil Socks, modeled by Jonesy! This pattern is now the June/July sock on the Six Sox Knitalong Yahoo! group - Free during the these summer months. See? I haven't been all that lazy - I just had to keep this a secret until June.

Anyway, my goals for this design were:

#1) Guy-friendly patterning
#2) Easy to knit
#3) Multiple sizing

It is a simple slipped-stitch pattern using 2 different colors of yarn, where you only work with one color at a time. To add interesting variety, you can choose to use a multi-colored yarn for one of the colors. I wrote the pattern in 3 adult sizes: Women's Medium, Women's Large/Men's Medium, and Men's Large. I knit the Men's Medium size for Jonesy in the photo (he wears a size 9 1/2 to 10 wide shoe).

So where are we now? Back safe in the marina in Puerto Vallarta that's where! Paradise Village - whooo hooooo! And we've been busy: getting internet connected, doing mega laundry, checking in with the port captain, buying a new TV 'cause the 2-year-old one died(!), and arranging for all of the services that we need for the boat before we head off to Panama this fall.

Here's Adrian and Hugo, two local marine services guys who are going to spend the next week of their lives polishing the fiberglass and the stainless steel on Niki Wiki. Big job. The ocean environment is tough on a boat. Sure, we could do it ourselves, but we don't have the electric buffing equipment and we want to spread some dollars around places that we visit.

Off to the laundrymat now - time to wash some of the blue winch covers and shade drapes in the cockpit. Doing laundry here is fun - Air Conditioning, ice cream, and knitting time.

I love these socks! I bet they would look like stainglass if I knit them with a bright handpaint and a solid black!

I would love to do what you are doing but would be chronically seasick! lol
I follow you and Jonesy around with jealousy! Mike is working a real job again - not fun! - and I'm just getting ready for our son's wedding on 06/14. Happy sailing to you, as always!
Do you have a washing machine for clothes on the boat?? Well have fun spending you money around town and eating ice cream. Only a little while longer until you come visit.
I'm back! Have you ever checked out the Lehman's catalog? They serve the Amish Community which does not use electricity. Anyhow, there might be a treasure here that makes your sailing life easier:
The socks ROCK!!! But the travels make me want to hit the road and see all those interesting places....
Leman's is great - thanks Kate for the link! There's some great stuff there for sailboat cruisers for sure!
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