Sunday, June 08, 2008


Friends! New & Old

At the spur of the moment, my friend Lorna flew down to Puerto Vallarta! She joined her friend, Monica, at a high-end resort for a week of R&R - and a little telecommuting work for her latest knitting designs.

As Jonesy and I weren't actually in Puerto Vallarta yet we hoisted the anchor in beautiful Chacala and hustled (well, slow crawled is more like it) down to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle - near PV. A visit from a friend!! A knitting friend.

So Lorna and I began our time together by spending the day shopping - YARN & FABRIC & notions & CLOTHES in downtown PV. Ok, yeah, I know, not much yarn available, but we did find some new cotton yarns that were interesting. And we talked about knitting, and yarn, and our lives and changes and family. Female chat. Heaven.

I never knew before now that Lorna doesn't do bridges. But she braved this swaying old wood suspension bridge (probably because I told her yarn was on the other side). Actually, she had to cross TWO of these bridges! Very brave indeed.

The next day, both ladies gathered up their courage and rode the local busses with me from their super-deluxe, comfortable hotel to dumpy little La Cruz and our boat for a sail out on Banderas Bay. First stop, the taco stand at the bus stop. We wolfed down "barbacoa" beef tacos hot off the grill with the locals. The taco stand also delivers meals up over the wall/fence in the background of this photo to the grammar school on the other side by dangling bags over the top of the wall!

It was market day in La Cruz so on our way to the dinghy landing we took a stroll through the stands. Everything you never wanted was available - it's just mundane household stuff for the local residents. Unfortunately, Monica took a tumble in the road and bunged up her knee. She was very brave about it.

We dinghy'd out to the Niki Wiki and set sail. Here's Lorna and Monica on the bow - a la the movie Titanic.We sailed past their hotel, and over to downtown PV - then turned around and back to La Cruz. The wind came up and we had a great sail!!! Lorna relaxed in the cockpit and Jonesy and I enjoyed a long chat with Monica - our new friend.
A couple of hours, a little sunburn and visitor seasickness later, we anchored again in La Cruz. Brave ladies!!

Jonesy and I totally enjoyed our company - and making a new friend in Monica. It was fun to see the world, our lifestyle, and Mexico through a couple of fresh sets of eyes. Come back soon ya'll!! Miss you already!

How cool!!
What a great day!!! If we ever get anywhere near where you happen to be, we'll get in touch! Would love to meet you in person. Deborah/Benicia, CA.
What a delightful couple-Terry & Jonesy. Full of hospitality, fun, and a pretty good first aid kit!
It was an extraordinary day getting to experience your footloose lives. You are amazing folks and you get along so well in tight quarters! I'm so impressed.
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