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Even though pickings are slim here in Mexico for yarn and needles, check out these double points I picked up for around $2 US dollars each set! I keep breaking my skinny wood/bamboo sock needles because I carry them everywhere with me. So I ordered some Comfort Zone polymer dpn's from Knitting on the Go. I'm thinking these may be the solution.

Remember all the hoopla over Noni Fruit & Juice years ago? Well, folks here in Mexico are growing this ugly tropical fruit now and trying to cash in on the supposed health benefits. Here's a photo of what it looks like growing. Nope, I'm not choking any of that nasty stuff down anytime soon.

Fruit is everywhere this season! Here's Jonesy pointing to mangos hanging from a tree. Fresh, juicy, tree-ripened mangos are a summer treat! The year-round availability of fresh produce is one of the highlights of living in Mexico. Plus, if we stick to the types that the local folks traditionally use (tomatoes, onions, peppers, bananas, etc.) then we can eat cheap and well.

So, what's new with us? Well, we are just laid-back, end-of-season, exhausted cruisiers tucked into a marina, mesmerized by a steady diet of Internet surfing, TV shows, and Yacht Club food & beverages. Kinda like on vacation from our permanent vacation. But, we agreed that starting tomorrow (manana, always manana) we're going to start chipping away at some of the tasks on our list to get ready to head really south this fall.

I've been really busy designing for the upcoming Holiday Mystery Gifts 2008 Knitalong! Where are the photos you ask? Well, that would ruin the "Mystery" part of it wouldn't it? Thank goodness for the group of accomplished test-knitters who are testing the patterns. They sure have eagle eyes - and make good suggestions for improving the chart displays and wording.

The knitalong for my slip-stitch, guy-friendly Handsome Devil Socks on the Six Sox Knitalong Yahoo! group is moving along nicely. The participants have created some great socks with their choices of yarn colors! There's still one more month of the knitalong, so if you're looking for a free sock pattern that's fast & easy join the group.

"Don't make open-air bathrooms" "It's in your hands"

These signs were posted in several places along the popular beach of Chacala Bay. Huh? What exactly is "in my hands"?

Terry & Jonsey,

I sent you an email a couple of days ago and did not hear back. Did you get it. I sent it to sailingknitter email address.

Terry & Michelle
s/v Coastal Passage
Hi guys! Hmmmm...I just resent our reply to your email - check your spam folder maybe. Ordered in-stock Ventura 150 watermaker today.
Love and kisses,
Jonesy & Terry
Terry, that's funny about the Noni juice! I gave it to Molly and will never know if it worked or not for her, but she lasted a long time, so just maybe. It's also cured some of my pups' warts they get in their mouths as puppies. I tried drinking it too, its horrid, obviously dogs taste buds are much different than humans....
I love, love the Handsome Devils!! I have finished one of the first pair and have new yarn to do a pair for DH!!!
Hey Terry. Fun sign, especially taken literally. It's much more humorous thinking of IT being in your hands, when it's equivalent to our saying "it's up to you, or it's your responsibility."

Did I ever mention I used to teach high school Spanish? I just love the reminders of how different things are in other countries. Really... you need a SIGN to tell you it's not cool to defecate in public? It reminds me of the 1st time I was in Mexico back in 1989 and saw signs begging people not to throw their garbage out the windows of a very nice looking apartment complex.

Things are the same here in San Diego and the Bonita Knitting Store. Love keeping up with your adventures and am happy you now have regular internet access.
I like the little poop.
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