Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Rugged Beauty of Baja California Sur

The penninsula of Baja California has a vastly different landscape from that of the tropical coastal Mexico we've cruised these past 18 months. It's much more rugged, volcanic, dry, and wild.

All around us was evidence of the volcanic origins of this land - sharp mountain peaks, cinder cones, lava and ash flows and bizarre rocks. The rocks themselves were many different colors. One of our favorite anchorages was in Las Gatos. Here there are RED cliffs.

Jonesy and I took a hike up a small ravine to stretch our sea legs. We were rewarded with a marvelous view from the top of the cliff overlooking the sea. It was so quiet up there - just the sun, the heat radiating off of the dark earth, and a gentle breeze off of the sea. The water was so clear that we could see the rocks deep down under the sea. We were out of breath from being such boat-vegetables lately yet it was lovely to get onto land again.

We moved away from the cliff edge once we realized that it was undercut where we were standing. I mean that there was no earth under our feet! We were out on a ledge which, who knows?, could give way at any moment.

A little foot (goat?) trail led farther up - over onto the point overlooking the bay of Los Gatos. As we tippy-toed along the crest of the peak, I suddenly became dizzy. Wait a minute! I have a real fear of cliffs! No way can I be near the edge of a drop-off - it makes me freak. So, I had to sit down - then scoot a long ways down on my bum to "safety". Jonesy continued to the very top. You can see in the photo that there was only one way to go if he fell - straight down on both sides. And to make matters worse, the rocks there were sharp and provided lousy footing as they would slide against each other. I had already mentally planned how I would hire a fisherman to help me retrieve Jonesy's body if he fell. A Girl Scout is always prepared.

At the top of the hill Jonesy enjoyed the view. That "little" sailboat down in the bay is our Niki Wiki. Then he performed a community service task and straightened out the wooden cross. There are wooden crosses and little shrines everywhere here in Mexico.

At the base of the mountain the red rocks looked like hot pudding that had just been poured from a giant saucepan! The flows were red and thick. Along the cliffs, as seen from our dinghy, I would often "see" plump, nude "Rubenesque" women in the formations! The lumpy, flows of lava rock looked like fat rolls on large thighs, or sagging bellies, and pendulous breasts, and knees. Am I wierd or what?

So where are we now? We have made the long trip South & East across the southern end of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) and are now anchored in little Chacala Bay on the Mexican mainland. We had originally planned to go into the old harbor of Mazatlan, but the sea conditions were so favorable and we were feeling fine, so we decided to add another day and night to the trip and continue south.

Now we can hang out here until it is time to go into the marina in Puerto Vallarta. Weather permitting that is. A strong wind is forecasted for later this week - and there is already a tropical depression forming near Acapulco. Early hurricane perhaps? Only time will tell.

KNITTING CONTENT: Almost done with second sleeve on my FLAK cardigan.

Back to my Knitting award to you!

My FLAK2 Sleeve one is only a few inches long, but I have plenty of family time to remember why the knitting did not get done... For some reason laughing with your family is more important than counting stitches and cables...

I love the Ruebenesque description of the mountains - right on target as I can see.
Such beautiful scenery-I hope you know how lucky you are to be on this adventure! Take a hike for me!
Beautiful pictures!!!
Great to get caught up with you again! Thx for pointing me to the the pattern for the baby suede booties. My trip to China was awesome; check out details and photos on my blog if you have time: Keep on having the time of your lives!
Catching up on your blog after our five week truck camper RV trip out to the USA Western states. Loved your comment on the red rocks and their anatomical shapes. We cruise the land, you the sea but we were so tired from travelling we never found a yarn shop.
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