Wednesday, February 21, 2007


At Anchor - Barra de Navidad Lagoon

We are at our 4th anchorage since leaving La Cruz Huanacaxtle, and we have finally connected to a (very marginally performing) internet service! We are now anchored in the lagoon of Barra Navidad.

What a journey it has been! No problems and lots of sunny days in warm sea breezes with plenty of time to knit and explore. All of our sailing trips, hopping (gunk-holing) south from one anchorage to the next, were less than one day, the seas & winds were calm, actually too calm. We had to motor most of the way. Oh well, that's what our big engine is for anyway.

The photos are from our first stop after leaving La Cruz and rounding the notoriously windy and rough seas of Cabo Corrientes. Ah, the lovely Ipala Bay was a welcome sight. We anchored in the cove facing the tiny town of Tehuamixtle (pronounced simply "Tay-wah") with only one other vessel - a large motor yacht with a herd of noisy, rich Mexican teenagers aboard. Ya had to love 'em - being served meals and drinks by three crewmen, playing loud music, and using the giant screen TV to play video games that somehow involved chugging beers to a raucous countdown. They left the following day so we then had the place all to ourselves.

As we strolled along the single cobblestone lane that led up the hill from the little harbor's boat ramp, two dogs, some sort of golden retriever mix, joined us and were our constant companions for the day. We walked the length of the beach and those dogs played in the sand and surf without a care in the world.
Here's the Niki Wiki at anchor with a view of the ENTIRE little village. Yep, that's it: 3 bayfront restaurants, 3 small tiendas (markets), a primary school and 27 families in residence (according to Adriana who sat with us at breakfast one morning in one of the restaurants). The older kids have to take the school bus up the dirt road from the village into a nearby town each day.

More later...this internet connection is really lousy and just won't stay connected. Manana..
Knitting on...

Looks beautiful! Nice to see you check in.
Nice to see you again! Enjoy!
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