Saturday, July 22, 2006


Girls just gotta have fun

Whew! It was certainly hot and muggy today! I woke up this morning to RAIN coming in the hatch over our bed (berth) on the boat. Rain in California in the summertime??? How bizarre. Today, our friendly local yarn shop Bonita Knitting had "free clinic" hours for knitters to drop by and work out knitting issues - or just sit and knit in the air conditioning. So off I went.
This is a sample of "Armenian Knitting" that we did at Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp (Retreat 2.75) last week. The idea is that you can knit motifs in the round stranding the unused yarn over LARGE areas. The "blip" from catching the strand every 4th stitch or so is supposed to show thru unlike traditional Fair Isle knitting.

Joyce Williams has done some beautiful garments using this technique and together with Meg, will be having a "little book" published soon through Schoolhouse Press.

Check out the inside of the hat - see all the stranding? I figured that since I had to (to keep in the technique - nobody forced me - no knitting police) keep stranding, I might as well use the availability of the purple yarn to create a star on the top with the vertical double decreases.

A fun part of the camp experience is to knit an item up according to a theme that is decided in the prior year. This wasn't done in the Camp 1 last year so I didn't know what to expect. Anyway, the theme was anything related to movies. Hmmm... I don't go to the movies. What do people knit? Large items? Small stuff? Serious? Funny? Crudola, I was on my own to figure something out. Time passed. No project. I decided on a popcorn box theme...took the yarn with me to camp.
Do you often get cold in the movie theatres when they crank up the air conditioning? Have you every taken a shawl or cardigan to cover up? What about your "front"?? So, I designed & knit...

"Theatre Hooter Heaters"

Fun knit popcorn boxes to cover your "frontal" area for extra warmth. Comes in small, medium, large, and mega bucket sizes.

Yeah, I know..."You Knit WHAT?"

Girls just gotta have fun.

Knitting on....

Okay, those hooters heaters are just too funny:) Very creative! Is there free soda and refills with the megabucket?
love the hooter heaters, and the hat.
omg, that is too funny!
Never...not in my wildest dreams would I have thought of those! You crack me up, Girl! Better patent them. ;-)
too funny
Just tonight back from Camp 2 -- I tried the Armenian knitting, too! Such fun you all had with your themed knitting!!!
your 2 funny lol... I LOVE THE HAT!!!! I still have not learned how to d othat kind of knitting :O( Maybe some day right?>?? Looks like your having a tone of fun.... thank you for al lthe magazines you sent me .... I have knitted a few things out of them and marked a few i want to make real bad, now just have to find the time :O(.. .. I LOVE knitting anything! I told my husband for my birthday ( in 9 days AHHH LOL ) i wanted pizza and a movie for a change lol I have always asked for knitting stuff.... this year on a VERY tight budget REALLY TIGHT.... so decided on food and a movie or two lol. I love seeing your pictures of where you have been .... And all the goodies you have knitted. I hope i get a chance sooner this time to leave comments. Have fun for me!!!!!!!!
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