Monday, March 20, 2006


Silk, Wire, & Beads...Oh My!

Imagine a whole day spent at an artsy fabric store, sewing silk pieces together, wrapping wire coils, and adding whimsy you know how I spent last Sunday.

Seeing as I had to "get lost" while my agent held an Open House at my house, I signed up for a class at JR Flamingo's in Sacramento.

We cut out domino-sized pieces of silk and other beautiful fabics, some in triangles too, and sewed them together in layers in a randomish fashion.

Next we made cool art wire coils, added beads, and strung the whole thing together. Just a very cool piece of artsy-fartsy jewelry to wear at my next artsy-fartsy event.
FLAK Update: Crawling down the first sleeve - actually pretty mindless knitting. I'm decreasing on the top of the sleeve for a more anatomically correct fit (or so I hear).
Longest Line Baby Socks Found some BRIGHT pink 100% wool fingering yarn in my stash. Too bright (a la 1960's) so I Kool-Aid dyed it last night - check this out....

The camera colors are a bit wierd - but then the actual colors are wierd too!!! I've got a deep purple, a rusty orange and then the (original)bright dayglow pink. This will really wake up anyone looking at the finished socks.

I can't wait to get started - these are going to be __________ (fill in your own words here) socks.

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