Monday, February 27, 2006


Opal Dreamcatcher Socks

Here they be! A pair of ribbed socks for my DH knit with the new Opal Dreamcatcher self-patterning yarn. Because the pattern repeat is so large, I decided not to make them identical - but more like fraternal twin socks. But - lo and behold - they came out the same!!! Dumb luck.

These are my standard CO 72 tubular cast on, US size 1 1/2 needles, and a 4 x 2 rib on the leg and upper foot. He loves them - I knit them.

Next pair is really two different sock projects. One for me made out of beautiful Opal Prisma yellow yarn and one for my youngest son - you guessed it - gray. A really soft/light gray yarn from Regia.

FLAK - Follow the Leader Aran Knitalong Update

OK - slow progress on the Aran Top down cardigan. Got one of the fronts done. Actually, after I took this picture I started the other front side. Part 6 (Sleeves) is already posted so I've fallen behind! Agh!

But, I've got 10 mostly daylight hours of car knitting time coming up this Saturday when we drive down to Palm Desert for my mother's memorial service on Monday. Then another 10 hours on Monday driving back home. It will be a full van with my DH, both sons, and my nephew - 5 adults in a 7 passenger van. I think I'll just sit in the very back and knit.

Knitting Olympics

No gold medal for me - didn't finish, no silver, no bronze. I think I should get the "Rust" medal - at least I started the shawl. Yeah, and I can still find it. I'll work on this during the car ride next Saturday. Gonna see the whole Famn Damily and I can show my sister what she'll get someday from me. Perhaps this can be for her birthday April 24th. Ooohhh, another deadline to commit to and miss. I'm on a roll.

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