Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Where's the Sailing in Sailingknitter?

Good question. First, we have to sell the house - it is listed and has been on the market for 17 days now. Lots of "lookers" but so far no bites. Then, we take some of that cash (equity) and buy the BIG boat outright. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting.

We gotta get out on the ocean in the boat and get our sea legs before the October Baja Ha-Ha

This will be our first Ha-Ha adventure and we've been waiting years and years for this moment. Time's a wastin' folks...BUY MY HOUSE!

The boat picture is of "Profiligate" - the Baja Ha-Ha's Mothership. (all hail to the Grand Poobah).

We have been "boatless" now for two whole months!!! This is not the way to live. Of course, we wouldn't be using the old little 22-footer in February anyway as there's not enough water in Folsom Lake to "float the boat".

The map is from the Baja Ha-Ha site and shows how we will sail from San Diego down to Cabo San Lucas with 2 stops along the way. This trip will include some overnight sailing which is one of the skills we want to practice before October. Just want to make sure that Jones can wake me up when it's my watch!!! Just give me stars and an open sea and I'll be fine.

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