Monday, February 13, 2006


Yarn on the Hoof

Ooohhh...future yummy yarn....

Here' are pictures I took this morning of some of the sheep that I pass on the way to work each day. Because of limited access I couldn't capture the total number of sheep - I estimate about 200 in this flock.

Because it was a sorta holiday today (Abe Lincoln's Birthday) there was very little traffic on the road. I actually stopped in the road, rolled down the window, and took these pictures. There's no shoulder on the road so I couldn't pull over.

Anyway, they were all verbalizing - Baa - it was so cool! Hard to believe that Sacramento, the state capital of California is only about 25 miles away from here. Then I had to go to work....

On the knitting front - still working on my FLAK fronts (2 fronts as I'm working a cardigan). I'm an Olympic Hopeless - only have 5 rows (about 100 stitches total) on my Olympic project. And nobody has bought this dang house. The end.

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