Thursday, February 09, 2006


Guild Square #1 done

Our knitting guild is having a Block of the Month program to encourage us to make 7x7 squares for the charity lap robe project. This is my version of the 1st square. This is knit with 2 strands of self-patterning sock yarn knit together. Our own knitting celebrity, Lorna Miser wrote up the pattern for us. It is knit from the outside to the center.

Actually, mine didn't quite measure up to 7 inches - so after I took this pic I added an edging of double crochet. Who's gonna know? Only me and other knitting freakos - the normal folks at the VA hospital will never notice!!

Hey - it's the thought that counts! Thank goodness somebody else is seaming all these together. I love to finish my own work - but mindless seaming of blocks is really brain numbing.

Love the Block of the Month block shown!

Is the pattern available anywhere?

I am cruising through the Yarn Harlot comments and surfing any blogs I come across ... to torture myself I guess.
I didn't quite make it to the Olympic Knitting finish line in time.

Yeah I COULD have bound off by the clsosing ceremonies, but my lacey scarf wouldn't have been as nice as it is going to be - added length is going to improve on its lacey look. Even without a gold medal.
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