Sunday, February 05, 2006


FLAK in the morning...

FLAK in the evening, FLAK at suppertime...

Part 4 of the Follow the Leader Aran Knitalong is done! This is the back of my cardiagan with the shoulder saddles attached. The KnitPicks Wool of the Andes has been a joy to work with and is really showing the stitch definition. Which is great for arans - but also shows any stitches that got a little fugly. Oh well, I can play with those when I block it and try to get them to behave properly.

Had an "Open House" at the house yesterday so we had to stay away most of the day. That was fine with be as it was the first Saturday of the month and as such, I was knitting with the Folsom group. Jones joined me at about noon - then we went for a walk along the American River Trail as it was a beautiful sunny day. the Nimbus dam there was a gate malfunction and they accidently opened more gates than they should have and a massive amount of water rushed down the river. There were about 40 fishermen fishing for salmon and/or steelhead on the river and it suddenly rose about 6 feet without any siren warning!!! Everyone made it out OK thank goodness. That could have been a real disaster. Can you imagine standing down in the basin below a dam and then suddenly having the cold water rushing up at you??? It had to have been terrifying for those guys. I've fished from there before and have never really thought about something like that happening.

Anyway, so far no nibbles on the house - but lots of "looky-loos". Come on folks, BUY THIS HOUSE! For heaven's sakes - we've fixed everything - new appliances, tile floors and countertops, new solar panels on the pool, new spa timer & cover, and much more. BUY IT so I don't have to keep it clean and tidy anymore! Plus, I really really need to get out on the boat...

knitting on...and on

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