Monday, January 23, 2006


Road Trip & New Knitting Book

A few of us knitting freaks took a road trip down the central valley of California to scenic Fresno to see a unique display of knitting. There was an exhibit of world renown lace knitter and author Mary Walker-Phillips' marvelous wall hangings - both knit and macrame - at the Fresno Art Museum. Most of us were already familiar with her books of delicate lace knitting patterns. But, this was a tremendous opportunity for knitters to see some of the larger pieces of her work.

The wall hangings were knit from a wide variety of materials - paper - linen - wool - cotton and had added embellishments such as rocks. Check out the photos for a quick peak of the exhibit. I never knew until the trip that Mary Walker-Phillips designed for a Frank Lloyd Wright house - a wall hanging I believe. Plus, I was really blown away by the materials - somehow I figured that she would use traditional cottons and wools. The experience was so inspiring!!! I feel challenged to create something unique & large!!
Here is our group - can you believe that we all fit into my Plymouth Voyager mini-van??? It was one fully-loaded van that day.

And....drum-roll please....ta-da...our local knitting celebrity, Lorna Miser, has just completed her new booklet which will be available soon at craft & yarn stores. It is titled "Knit & Fused Purses".

I have been creating these purses for about a year now after taking an all-day class from Lorna offered by our guild. Then, the 2nd purse I ever made this way won 2nd prize at the California State Fair!!! (See June 2005 blog entry Funky Chicken Tote) The fusing technique helps to stablize the knit fabric, and prevents pens, needles, etc. from escaping the knit purse. This new booklet has great photos showing the complete layout of the lining & fusing materials. Even if you are able to get into one of Lorna's classes at Stitches some day - this booklet would still make a great addition to any knitting library.

Lorna and her new book (note the pink tote!)

Thank you for coming to the exhibit. MWP would have been pleased.

John Phillips
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