Saturday, January 28, 2006


House is LISTED!

Well - FINALLY!! The house is in prime condition and is listed for sale!! Jones has worked really hard to make this happen.

This is one of the smallest, oldest and least expensive homes in El Dorado Hills. Many of the newer homes are giant mansions costing over $1 Million dollars!!!! So, a buyer can have the snob appeal of the exclusive address without the high price tag. Shopping in the local grocery store here is a real trip sometimes - all the trophy wives in their workout clothes, make-up and puffy collegen-injected lips. Time for us regular folks to get the heck outta here.

We even had our first "lookers" come by the house today. So let's keep our fingers crossed that someone will fall in love with the pool/backyard/new kitchen...whatever turns them on in a house and buys it!

I had another great day at Frog Pond Knits teaching an Introduction to Fair Isle class. We focused on the technique of holding the yarn in 2 hands (one for each color) and reading from a chart. I always enjoy teaching these types of knitting classes - I just want to share the fact that all of knitting is really simple once you've learned the basics. It's just a series of building blocks or different pathways that you can take to create new fabrics or patterns.

So here's the swatch that we all knit. This is still all fugly because it hasn't been blocked - but you get the idea. I had made up kits of 8 colors of Karisma superwash wool for the 10 students. The chart was simple black & white because I wanted them to each choose their own placement of the colors. No Follow the Leader here...

We knit back and forth to 1) teach stranding on the purl side (which we all hate to do), and 2) to keep the swatch small for a 2 1/2 hour class.

Knit on...

How EXCITING! Your dream is getting closer to becoming a reality each day. I'll hold my thumbs and think good thoughts for a quick sale for you. Good Luck!
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