Saturday, October 01, 2005


Pumpkins! Finger-Knitting Cording

This is a little pumpkin that I knit up last year - I don't know why - just felt like it. Anyway, I had written up the instructions and I came across them last week when I was searching for something else. So...I thought it might be fun to make a kit for this little thing and sell it at Frog Pond Knits where I have the other knitting related goodies that I make and import. Then, I put some up on eBay to test market the idea. For a lousy $5 you, too, can be the proud owner of a Baby Pumpkin pattern and the materials to make one! But wait - there's more - only in this first offering - if you act now - you can have at no additional charge - 3 genuine faux fall leaves included with your kit! Imagine the surprise of your friends, family and neighbors when they see this fine example of your craftiness!!

I took it to my Folsom Knitting Group today and someone thought that it would make a good "stress ball" as it is squishy.

Speaking of the Folsom Knitting Group - we had a great time today - the weather was PERFECT! Sunny, but with a nice breeze drifting across the patio. I knit and talked from 10am to 4pm!!!

One of the regulars (Carol) showed us how to make a very nice-looking cord for drawstrings or ties on knitted items. She calls it something like "Grandmother's cord" because her grandmother used to make it. Anyway, we all got out our yarn and tried to do it. It takes a little practice, but finally we all got it. I've heard this called "Finger-Knitting" before. Basically, you start with a slip knot, and pull loops from alternating yarn ends thru the slip knots to produce a cord.

On the knitting front...been working on a little hooded toddler jacket that will be a store sample for Frog Pond out of Karisma wool. Also, am finishing a "Thrummed" Hat for the store. Then I've got to get working on the samples for my up-coming Fair Isle class. Too much knitting - too little time....

this is vanessa i got your box saterday and it made my day!!! Heck it made my YEAR!!! I have nothing but Worsted weight and have been trying so hard to knit when i feel up to it for my little BEAN lol. Thank you oh so much!!! I would have emailed you but i could not find an email address. Thank you and write me from time to time i would LOVE to know about living on a sailboat.
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