Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Dale Norgi & Banana Silk

Progress check on the Dale of Norway baby Norgi sweater I've been working on. I've made it to the bottom of the center placket steek and am beginning to work the yoke patterning which is slightly different than the main body.

So far I've found 2 sections of errors in the pattern chart. Both are around the mirroring of the center front patterns so they pop out at you - well to me at least. I scrutinized the pattern booklet and whatta you know - one of the samples was knit complete with errors! I guess someone just blindly followed the chart. Well, they may have been instructed to do so - I've done some pattern testing knitting in the past and sometimes they don't want you to change a thing. Anyway, I don't think a baby would notice the small out of balance design - or even most parents for that matter. I'm really enjoying working with the Dale of Norway Baby Ull again - it's really soft and works up pretty fast given that I'm on US size 2 needles.

Here's a picture of the yarn made from banana trees. It is quite soft and VERY HEAVY. I'm thinking that it would stretch/sag like cotton when knitted up just from its own weight. Has anyone knit with this stuff yet?

As I'm planning to knit a shawl for my sister, sagging won't be much of an issue. Except if it stretches longer than her 5 foot 1 inch height!!!

I'm thinking that I should try a size US 10 to start with on my first swatch. I don't want it to be too thick and heavy to wear.

These are pictures of my new way to store and carry circular needles. When I was back at Knitting Camp, several of the other folks there had these fishing bait holder totes for their needles. You can buy extra pouches for them. I got mine from Bass Pro Shops online - it's smaller than some of the others. But it works pretty good!

Of course, I wish they wouldn't put their hokey label on everything!!! Maybe I could cover it up with something. I do fish, but I really don't want to be a walking billboard for a fishing supply company.

See what I mean? Come on - are my circular knitting needles really "Extreme"????

The baby sweater is turning out SO cool! I really love that pattern. I haven't been able to find it around here but am going to Stitches Midwest next week and am taking a shopping list. You're doing a FINE job.
Hi Terry! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Where did you find yarn made from Banana trees? I guess if they can make bamboo yarn...
That sweater is beyond lovely!

I store my circulars like that, too.
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