Sunday, July 24, 2005


Secret Pal Strikes!

Wow! check out the goodies from my secret pal! The sock yarn is so beautiful -ocean blues- just my colors and the stitch markers are beautiful. I can't wait to casually knit in front of my buddies and let them catch a glimpse of these markers. My secret pal made them herself! So talented.
The pile of candy wrappers is all that is left of the delicious soft chews that she sent me...what? you thought I should take a picture before devouring them? Not - takes too much self-control. The package came a couple of days ago and I stuffed the bag of candy into my briefcase and they went off to work with me. They were from a local (to my secret pal) place named "Dewar's" in Bakersfield, CA and the candy was outstanding!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Pal!!

Great gifts! I love that sock yarn! And welcome to the knitting ring.
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