Sunday, August 14, 2005


Palm Desert in August???

Well, here I am down in Palm Desert California in August!! "Ya gotta be NUTS" I keep saying to myself. But, I had some family business down here to take care of that just couldn't wait until the temperatures were more appropriate for human life. Visited my mom in the nursing home yesterday - it's amazing how soft and wrinkle free your skin becomes when you're NEVER outside in the sun!! Even so - I'd rather have all my marbles and life with wrinkles than exist in some sort of demented la-la land. Poor thing - she was such a bright woman - Phd and all.

Life is wierd here - you just dash from one air-conditioned space to another. I can understand why the snowbirds like to come to the southern desert during the winter months - it can be quite pleasant. I used to drive down here when I was a teenager and sunbathe naked up in Whitewater canyon to get a headstart on the summer tan. But during the summer it is miserable! It's insane how much water they dump on the golf courses!

Anyway, I'm making great progress on the Dale baby sweater - have the body and one sleeve done. Just started sleeve #2 last night and still having fun. The baby boy who will receive it was born last week, but I'll have some time to finish as it is a rather large size 6 months - more like a 12 month sizing. Plus, it is summer (duh!) in the Northern Hem so it will be just fine.

Sorry - no pics as I'm travelling, but I'll get some up after tonight when I return to Northern Calif and home. Yes, I know, it is HOT up in the Sacramento area too - even the same hight temperatures, but at least up there it cools off at night so there is some relief!!!


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