Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Finished the LAST TRAIN!!

Well we did it! We finished the last of 22 Siemens Light Rail Vehicles for the city of St. Louis. Here we are (Sam the Project Manager and me the Commercial Project Manager) standing on the rail flat car this morning.

It took hundreds of people and some exceptional efforts on the part of the production crew and material expeditors, but she's a beauty.

Don't you think it would be way cool to commute to work on this - you can knit! I think thats the best part about public transportation - being able to relax and knit, read, or just daydream.

I'll be posting an update on the Dale baby sweater this evening from home. I'm ALL DONE with the knitting and am now ready to steek (eek!) and tack up the picot hems, oh and knit the little neck band and placket. Good thing too, the baby is already 2 weeks old -

For those of you who live in the Sacramento Area - there will be a "Knit for her Cure" event up at Filati's Yarns in Rocklin on Saturday, September 24th from 10 to 5. Come join in - all proceeds from kit purchases are donated for cancer research.

Knit on...

Ohhh! Looky there! Gorgeous sweater! It's fun to see what you are doing since Camp!
The sweater looks GREAT!!! Be proud and don't fear the steeks.
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