Monday, August 29, 2005


Knitting Demonstration at the California State Fair

It was fair time again here in Sacramento, so again, our local Guild demonstrated knitting at the California State Fair. We had a great display area set up in the Creative Arts building, and we had guild members there to knit in public and give FREE KNITTING LESSONS! As usual, it was hot as heck and the crowd was pretty light because it was 2 weekdays, but it still was good fun.

My sister came up from Southern California and she learned how to knit with us! BUT I found out that my grandmother had taught her how to knit during one of my sister's private "theraputic" stays with my grandmother (my grandmother lived at the beach and my sister needed fresh moist air for her dry skin)!!! I never ever saw my grandmother knit!! I knew she did because she knit a sweater for my sister, but she made such a big deal about it and it took her 2 years so I never thought to ask her to teach me. Now 40 years later I'm finding out that my sister knows how to knit! Well, I put needles into her hands, showed her the knit stitch - and she takes off! See the picture of her knitting - notice how much she did???

My sister DANA KNITTING at the fair

Well, I also had my young friends with me so we rode a lot of the carnival rides. This old broad went round and round and upside down and everything! And I wasn't even stiff the next day! Such a blast.

I started the Banana Silk Shawl at the fair - took me 4 swatches with 4 different needle sizes before I settled on a US size 13. Knits up real fast compared to the baby sweater.

Knit on,

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