Tuesday, August 02, 2005


TRAIN Knitting WhoooHooo!

WhooHooo...Check out our transportation to the TKGA Fiber Fest in Oakland California a couple of weekends ago!

Amtrak sponsored a "knitting train" for us and provided goodie bags, raffle prizes, and escorted service to connect from the Amtrak train to the local BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system. BART dropped us off right at the entrance to the convention center where the magic of the TKGA Market awaited us.

If you look closely you can see me on the right hand side holding up my Dale baby sweater that I was working on for the 1 1/2 hour trip from Sacramento to Oakland. Front and center is Lorna Miser (founder of Lorna's Laces).

No, I didn't win any raffle prizes - oh well. Not sad for long because I was able to shop the market soon after the train ride. I found some amazing yarn made from BANANA TREES! It looks just like the sari silk from Nepal. I'll try to remember to post a picture of it. I bought several skeins ($6 per skein) and am planning to knit a shawl for my sister who is quite allergic to wool.

The Market was about half the size of the Stitches West Market that was here in February, but there was still plenty of yarn to fondle and other knitting stuff to see. Some of the vendors seemed to appear at the last moment - no fancy booth supplies, just cardboard boxes of imported sari silk & banana tree yarns at excellent prices. Well, I guess there's something to be said for low overhead.

As I've been de-stashing in preparation for our sailing adventures, I didn't pick up anything but the banana tree yarn. I still have way too many projects going on at the same time now. And I have to get ready for the Fair Isle in-depth class that I'll be teaching this coming fall.

Back to "work" at the paying job....

***Pictures courtesy of Amtrak Capitol Corridor****

Ooooohhh!!! I'm jealous!! That looks like a lot of fun - I wish they had something like that here!
Hi Terri Lian,
I'd love to figure out how to contact you. I too am a sailing knitter (and weaver and sewing teacher and designer). My dh and I are in the process of shopping for our "retirement home", which will be between 40' and 49' long and will float. We plan to acquire our boat within the next year to year and a half, then put it into Lake Michigan and sail it there until dh can retire in 4-5 years.
I'd love the opportunity to discuss sailing, knitting, destashing, storing fiber in a salt water environment, etc with you. Please email me at mlweaving@earthlink.net, as I don't have a blog and won't have time to set one up for at least another month.
Incidentally, I'm loving reading of your adventures in Knitting.
Hi Marjorie,
I would love to share our experiences! You can contact me at womba4fun at yahoo dot com.
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