Monday, September 13, 2010


Another One Rides the Bus

Recently we had the pleasure of riding a first-class bus up to Guatemala City and back. A 5 1/2 - 6 hour trip costs just about $8 US. These coaches are not your common "chicken bus" scary rides, but are fully equipped for your comfort. See? Right there on the door is a series of icons showing you all the features of this bus:

1) MUSIC (of the driver's choice and often quite enjoyable)
2) MOVIES (of the driver's choice, last time it was 2 violent guns, blood, explosions, car-chasing "film noire" moves)

3) AIR CONDITIONING & HEAT which can both be needed on the same day at different altitudes

4) EJECTION SEATS ?? What ?? That's what Jonesy said this icon meant. Probably for those times when you see a mudslide roaring down the hillside and you need to eject before the bus is swamped in mud.

Seriously though, the mudslides (derrumbes) have been so tragic. We travelled those same roadways several weeks ago and saw all the damage and the progress which was being made towards correcting those areas. Now, new rainfall from another tropical storm has caused more sliding and many lives lost. The area is so mountainous (as in volcanoes). It's been a tremendous setback.
There is somebody in my life who keeps torturing me by sending me photos and links to photos of strange knitted hats and other objects. I've warned him NOT to encourage such wild behavior in a knitter with too much time on her hands, but Noooooo, he took it all one step too far.
The results? A Sock Monkey Hat that I'll make him wear in public.

Next up, are these Christmas Holiday Socks from a new design of mine. As I was working on the Christmas Stocking designs a few months back, I realized that they could easily, with some effort, be converted into "real-people" socks. This time I used quite traditional colors, but of course knitters can use whatever colors they desire. The pattern is for sale on Ravelry, and soon on and my own SailingKnitter Liann Originals website.

Finally, here are the latest socks for the orphanage in Kazakhstan. These are for a big teenaged guy, so not only is the foot long, but I've ribbed both the leg and the top of the foot. Just because a guy's foot may be long in length, it doesn't necessarily mean that he has a correspondingly large calf or foot width. The ribbing stretchs and contracts to fit a multitude of sizes.

I finished this pair up while recovering in the hospital after surgery up in Guatemala City.

Yep. THAT's another story...

Your posts are so fascinating! I feel like I am right there on the trip with you. Mudslides would be very scary!

Surgery???? What? You better tell!
Hope you are doing ok.
Glad you were able to knit in the hospital. It's better than tranquilizers, isn't it?

My Mother used to do that to me - a little note in the mail that said at the end of the letter "sorry I've been so long writing - just got home from the hospital. Love, Mom" Talk about frustrating us!

Hope you are ok :)

I really want that monkey hat.
The Socks are amazing and I hope your recovery is quick....BTW my blog address has changed...
P.S. Did I mention that I want that hat?
I have been busy all summer just not getting Caught up on my BLOGS... I sooo miss your Adventures so off I go to read..
OhioGirlTalks :)
Number 3 on the bus: you missed the most important sign. WC -- potty! A bus with a toilet must be a big step up from the kind stuffed with goats and chickens on the roof. :-)

I too was worried when you said "surgery", and hope you are OK now.
Love your socks and the monkey hat!!! (And your blog, of course!)
Um, maybe I forgot to tell you how much I like and really, really want that monkey hat.
So here I go:
I really, really like that monkey hat.
And I really, really want that monkey hat.
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Terry, Heather has already contacted me on FB commissioning me to knit the Sock Monkey hat for her... she say's she'll ship wine to me. I will knit for booze, just can't help myself. I need info on how to obtain the pattern. For some reason she REALLY needs a sock monkey hat. I can't believe it! My Word Verification is judit!
Good to read you are back online again and recovering. SOOOOOO glad!!
I love the monkey hat too. You are so creative (with too much time on your hands..... but that is what retirement is all about!!!!! good for you......)
I'll bet converting that Xmas sock was tricky but it is amazing. Wow!!! Great job!!!
I am usually just a reader but just wanted to say that I am glad the operation went well and you are fine.

You are kidding about the ejection seat comment on the executive bus right? If not, it means you have more room, less seats, etc. on an executive bus. It is the best class of bus at least here in Mexico anyway. I imagine the same thing there.
Stay well.
by the way I forgot to mention I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE those socks .... I love socks lol.
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