Sunday, August 08, 2010


House (Boat) Guests

Our friends are traveling for a few days so we are taking care of the pets that they were taking care of for a family who has gone to the states for a couple of months (did you get all that?). No, not soft furry pets, but a Leopard Gecko, and 2 hermit crabs (plus live crickets as food for the gecko). They're actually kinda cool! The gecko is big - about 6 inches long and quite chubby. The owners (kids) left lengthy handwritten instructions for the critters and a book about leopard geckos.

The hermit crabs sure are frisky when you pick them up! And scratchy too with their sharp feet. Nope, I didn't handle the gecko, she can just rest in her terrarium and digest the crickets she ate.

The river/lake has been rising steadily this past week due to heavy rains from a storm (which is now the Tropical Storm Estelle in the Pacific Ocean) which passed through here a few days ago, and the usual summer rains. It's getting hard to get on and off the boat as the docks here are on fixed pilings - not floating docks. As we rise up on the water (we float remember), the dock stays put. Sure wish we had longer legs!

One of the stores on the river that we like to shop in is flooded - but they are still doing business! Just go around to the side door and start wading. It's worth it - they sell great "gringo cruiser" foods and specialties from Mexico.

Here's the latest creation - a "real people" Christmas Holiday sock. Recognize some of the patterning? Yep, those are the same details that are on my Mix-It-Up Christmas Stocking stranded version. So, with some math and heel adjustments, I converted it to a sock in 2 sizes: Women's Medium, and Women's Large/Men's Medium. The pattern is being test-knit in Ravelry over the next few weeks.

For the lovely person who requested my Broccoli Salad recipe here it is.

Broccoli Salad
In serving bowl, wisk together:
1 Tbl mayonaise
2 Tbl cider vinegar
2 Tbl sugar

Add and Mix well:
2 slices of bacon (we prefer Oscar Mayer turkey bacon for great flavor) cooked crisp, then chopped
2 Tbl chopped red onion

Peel stem of broccoli and cut off bottom inch or two. Dice stem sections, and cut florets into bite-size pieces. Add to serving bowl. Mix well.
Add and Mix well:
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup walnut pieces

That's all there is to it! Jonesy will even eat the leftovers the next day, but I only like it when it is fresh and crispy. As you can see - it's kept him healthy and happy and still having fun.

Terri, you are a trooper for taking care of their pets! lol
I also see you are getting some good stretches as you board your vessel.
Thank you for posting the salad. It sounds so delicious and my mouth is already watering!
Love, love the socks. Yes, I recognize the patterning from the group. Gorgeous!

My great Aunt used to make that same exact broccoli salad when I was a little girl. I loved it and she was the only person I ever knew who made it!
Going to have to try the B. Salad~!
I LOVEEEEE the Gecko~! they are so much fun a girl that would come into the Library would bring hers in for me to hold lol... I LOVE all critters. I had some of the Hermits whe nI was youngr they are fun too~!
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