Sunday, July 25, 2010


1000 Fabulous Knit Hats

It's HERE! This is the new book by Annie Modesitt which is full of photos of hats - including several of MY HATS! Whooo hoooo!

The actual patterns for my hats are not included, but you will be able to see my versions as well as the hats knit by other crafty folks from my patterns.

No, I don't make a dime from the sales of this book, but it is exciting all the same.


Terry -

Who hoo is right...congrats.

AWESOME!!! Congrats! (and you deserve some $$ but ok, the fame is pretty nice, too!)
Hey congratulations. I have my copy too. I have everyone I know marked including my own hats, which some of my knits have your name on them... you are everywhere. I was hoping for the patterns of a few but they did give 10 patterns for the best of... of what and how did they decide..... probably Annie made the decisions....... I love it.
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