Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yaneris Socks

Introducing...the YANERIS Socks! These are another one of my new sock designs this summer. They are knit from the top-down, with traditional heel flap and gusset construction at the ankle. The tiny 2-st cables start in the cuff, move around to create a lacy motif from dropped stitches. Yep, drop stitches on purpose.

At the ankle, the cables move around again and return to the same patterning as the cuff on the heel and top of the foot.

The lovely test knitters on Ravelry are busy testing the pattern which will available for sale soon on both my website and Ravelry. Enjoy!

Oh! I really like those socks!
Very nice!
Danged purty!
Very Nice!

I miss seeing you at camp. Hope you can come back soon.
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