Monday, June 01, 2009


Introducing...Isla Buena Socks

Ta da! Today is the official release of my new design - Isla Buena Socks as the June/July pattern for the Six Sox Knitalong yahoo group.

This top-down knit sock features fair isle type patterning and a sideways garter stitch cuff. For the photo samples, I knit the Men's size in "manly" colors approved by Jonesy. The yarn is Regia 4-fadig sock yarn.

The brighter colored version below is also Regia 4-fadig sock yarn and is the Women's Medium size (you can tell because there are fewer repeats of the pattern around the leg and foot).

Some of the group's test knitters knit their socks in great color combinations including a touch of varigated yarn for the snowflake patterning.

So...see? I haven't been a boat-vegetable all the time. I did actually produce something besides mindless knitting. The name, Isla Buena, is a loose translation of "Fair Isle" to Spanish which seemed fitting as I designed these in El Salvador and knit them in Nicaragua. Just a little tip of the hat to the countries that I visited.

Oh, WOW! Super design!

Happy Birthday!
Beautiful design. I actually think of you and Jonesy as pirates wandering the seas and looking for booty, oh, is the bounty, not that would be the price on your heads. LOL
Beautiful socks! I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming.
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