Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hammock Time

What a change from last week to today! From the isolated back-to-nature scene of the Kuna Yala islands to the cosmopolitan life of the big city of Cartegena. This is the view I get each night now as I engage in "hammock time". It's still in the 80's at night, but there's a nice breeze which makes the hammock sway ever so slightly. This is where I knit in my head - work out patterns - mull over ideas, etc.

Now, all I can share with everybody is the knitting I've done for the Mittens for Akkol group for the children's orphanage in Kazakhstan. The other things I've been knitting have been designs are for the Holiday Mystery Gifts Knitalong which begins again this September. So, if I showed those goodies here it wouldn't be a mystery now, would it? But smart folks may expect a couple of mitten patterns.
Let's see...the grey ones are adult sized mittens knit from Cascade 220 wool with a heathered green set of stipes. The striped pair are adult mittens from lots of different leftover yarns - Alpaca, Llama, Wool, and Icelandic (Lopi) Wool.

These wild things are knit from an Opal yarn (Rodeo?) which is a sock weight yarn. You know, when I use these self-patterning yarns everyone is so amazed. I try to explain that all I'm doing is plain 'ole knitting and the yarn makes the design, but I don't think most non-knitters really understand.

So, besides reading a lot of mystery and trashy novels, I also knit 5 of those cotton diagonal dishcloths. Why? Well, that has to stay a mystery.

boy, that sure is a different setting. Love you teases about the mystery knitting.
Mysterious lady you! What fun!

thanks for the view from the hammock.

I LURV to sail. My brother just bought a boat (houseboat?), but I won't go on because I only love the serenity of sailing...I used to race!

I got here from the SSKnitalong and am looking forward to knitting these socks, esp when I read that the instructions are going to be great. I realize you might tell me that you've been knitting mittens for awhile now, and don't use a pattern..but do you? I like the tops of them.

Enjoying la CARTAGENA!

Terri I LOVE it all~! I had Surgery BTW two weeks ago I forget if I told you about it PLUS hubby came home today he lost his job so we are now both not working PLEASE pray for us Terri~! On a lighter side I have been knitting :) I am working on SOCKS can't wait to post them because they are socks that you have knitted that were in a magazine you gave me :)....Any who I am off here for now ...can't wait to see more LOVEEEEEE the socks and Mittens~!!!!!!
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