Friday, July 03, 2009


Burro Kickstand?

Count the legs on this burro - 5? Naw, the "leg" on the left side of this photo is actually the Burro Kickstand. Yep. Drive your burro up to the delivery site, drop the kickstand and unload your bags of gravel. Actually, it's a good idea. The kickstand takes the weight of the cart off of the burro while the cart is stationary.

This little guy was hauling loads of gravel for the new dock that is being built here at Club Natutico in Cartegena. I fed him a carrot and a couple of cubes of "panela" which is a delicious local minimally-processed sugar. Locals make hot and cold drinks from this sugar, and candies of all sorts, and put it in their coffee.

The guys in the photo are chuckling because I wanted to take this photo of a burro. Silly gringa.

Terry, loving the blog (as usual).

Keep up the good work!

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