Monday, June 22, 2009


From Boring to S#@! in 60 seconds

From a rather dull morning, we suddenly had a wild ride! A serious squall came up and many of the sailboats anchored out in the harbor started to drag their anchors and take walkabouts. Unfortunately, the marina was downwind from quite a few of these wanderers! The high winds drove a catamaran right up to the bow of our boat. We felt pretty helpless standing on the bow with the wind blowing and the waves crashing and this big boat moving towards us. Check out the mean-looking clouds beyond!

But as luck would have it, the catamaran's propellor got caught on one of our lines that is secured the the "heavy thing" on the bottom. This was actually a good thing. It held them about 3 feet away from us. And that's where they rode out the squall.

When it was safe, a diver went down, untangled them, and another boat towed them away out into the harbor to re-anchor. Whew! I had to stop knitting for about an hour...geeeez!

As for knitting...I whipped up another pair of socks for the Akkol Orphanage kids. These are knit from a combination of leftover commercial sock yarns (Opal and Regia) with a strand of a handspun single ply yarn held together. Years ago, I visited a hand-spinning guild up in northern California. There, I picked up for about $5, a baggie full of hand-spun singles.

I think that the ones I used for these socks were naturally colored - one was a very tightly spun wool, and the other was a another tightly spun alpaca (I think). Anyway, I like the combination and they turned out really soft. Okay...time to walk through town over to the shopping center. We need to make an exciting purchase...a new garden hose nozzle for our raw water washdown system. Does this gal know how to have fun or what?

I'm so glad your boat is ok. That must have been scarry! Nothing like a little excitment to keep life interesting though. :-)

I really like how those socks turned out. They're really pretty!
Whew! The things you'll let happen for a little excitement... :)

Glad you're OK.
Wow, I think would scare me for sure!
Nice yarn!
So glad you weathered the storm. That must have been a little exciting. I would love to be able to whip up sox like you. Perhaps that will be my knitting goal, to learn to do sox well. Nice to hear that your still knitting in spite of the weather ;-} Darrell
I am glad your boat is ok .
I did laugh that you could not knit for an hour , I really felt the stress of the situation through that statement.

hope it is all fun and knitting again.
Wow, you two have dodged yet another bullet on your adventure haven't you? :-) Terry, I love to see your knitting, but was hoping you would tell us how your trip through the Canal went!
I enjoy following your blog and love your perspective on near disasters. The most important thing is whether we can keep knitting.
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