Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Taste of Colombia

I have to say it...Columbian food is UGLY! Not only is it scary looking, but it is also bland - no spicy kick whatsoever, and much of the street food is deep fat fried. But, after whining about it for a couple of weeks, we have discovered some really tasty items!

Here's an example - the traditional Tamale Tolimenses. I buy these little bundles at the local grocery store. It is a precooked full meal in a banana leaf for about $2 US! I just have to cut the twine, unwrap, and spread it out on a plate to heat in the microwave. Next, I hunt through the blob of food to find the chunk of pork fat and toss it in the trash.
So what is here anyway? There is always a small chunk of chicken on the bone, a tiny piece of pork ribs, about 1/2 of a hard-

boiled egg, potato slices, yellow whole peas, and a carrot piece. These are all mixed together with a delicious dough of corn and rice flours. Yep. The flavor is wonderful! Rich, and earthy.

Finally! I found an adorable model for my Snuggle Time Baby Blanket & Hat Set! This little tyke is Daisy from the sailing vessel Emma. She was born here in Columbia to her British parents. Daisy's reward for behaving like a perfect angel during our photo shoot was to receive the blanket and hat. Yes! She does need these warm items as the family will be traveling back to England in a few months and we all know that it can be quite chilly there.
And these are the latest pair of socks for the Akkol Orphanage as part of the Mittens for Akkol yahoo group's 2009 Sock Challenge. The yarn was given to me a few years ago and I'm not sure which brand it is, but the red & blue colorations came automatically from it. Because it was a partial skein, I supplemented with some Regia sock yarn that I had form another project for the heels. Then I knit both socks at the same time (on two sets of double point needles) until the yarn ran out. Then I finished the toes in the matching Regia yarn. Ta-da! Another kid's feet will be warm next winter in Kazakhstan.

Daisy is beautiful and so is the hat and blanket!
I love the socks and the baby set. I also think you're very brave to eat so many different native foods.
Really no spice in their food? That really surprises me. I would have thought it would be spicy.

Is the blanket and hat from "Mason Dixon Knitting"? It looks kinda like one of their patterns.
Mmmmm that food looks really yummy, I am SOOO jealous
I'd be interested to know if you are able to knit when you're actually sailing. Does it make you feel at all seasick? I have this problem, which is why I ask!
Never been seasick and YES! always knit when sailing, that's the best time.
The blanket and hat is a great set. Well done. Your model is perfectly sweet and adorable.

The food looks yummy and has me just drooling at my desk.

Cheers.. and Happy Sails..
Hhhmmmm.....I'm not much of a yellow girl. Hope that food tastes better than it looks. :)
Beautiful everything wonderful in your blog, i love tricotar, Brazilian and cheers of Brazil
My is Berenice.
Oh what a fascinating time you're having! I'm enjoying reading your experiences.

If I may, though? Singular,tamal; plural, tamales.

Your knitting as as colorful, and your writing as descriptive of your pictures.
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