Saturday, July 18, 2009


Coffee in Colombia

If you want a quick splash of coffee here in Cartagena, Columbia, listen for the tinkling of a little bell. That sound signals the arrival of the coffee vendor. These wandering street vendors - always young men - sell hot, strong coffee sweetened with panela (a semi-processed sugar) called tinto. He will pour your beverage from one of an assortment of thermos containers with great flair.

And when I say a quick "splash" I mean exactly that. Check out the size of the cup! The cost? A litle less than 10 cents US. Actually, in the late afternoon this size of coffee is exactly right for me - a little pick-me-up. In this heat, I don't want a lot of hot drink. Seeing as coffee is grown here in Columbia I'm surprised that I don't see more being consumed - or available in the grocery stores.

And when I'm all recharged - I knit! Here are my "Cartagena Socks". The pattern is currently being tested by several knitters and will soon be available for sale on my website. It is worked with two 50gr balls of sock yarn. For the sample socks, I used a solid color for the vertical lace sections, and a multi-colored yarn for the garter/stockinette sections. These are a quick knit and a good use of stash yarns especially if you have a couple of odd balls that will work together. Enjoy!

Mmmm coffee!!! I LOVE coffee
The coffee looks mighty good--and so do the socks!
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